Sadly, the Virtual Magic Kingdom has closed its gates for the last time.

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What is the future of VMK Pal (and your pictures)?

Miss VMK? You can still relive the memories at GPDot's VMK Revisited!
Click here to learn more about this amazing project.

VMK Pal is free utility software for Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom. You can actually play VMK right inside of VMK Pal, just as you normally would in a regular web browser. But VMK Pal gives but get the added ability to:

  • Login to VMK with the click of a button
  • Securely store login information for each VMK Player
  • Take pictures of the VMK screen with the click of a button
  • Save, crop, and manage pictures which you've taken inside the game
  • Store and manage VMK virtual prize codes which you've earned through games and quests
  • Repeat helpful phrases with a keystroke
  • Magnify a portion of the screen
  • See the current time in VMK (Pacific Time)
  • Receive alerts for upcoming VMK events
  • Save and visit a list of your favorite VMK web sites

Click here to download and install VMK Pal.

You may contact me with any questions, suggestions, or donations or just look for me inside of VMK.

See you in the park!